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A Culture of Connection

We are a team. We should feel like one! Parents, teachers, students, and community members should feel heard and valued by our school district. Communication should look more like a conversation and less like the occasional survey. Two-way discussion is crucial for understanding, problem-solving, and collaboration.  Read More

The ABCs

Families trust our schools to teach their children Academic Basics and Career preparation. However, our district's state report card shows that our students need help to meet standards in vital areas such as math, science, and language arts. So let's refocus on bringing up our students' proficiencies and engaging them in career-relevant courses, connecting them with opportunities that prepare them for their next steps after graduation.  Read More

Transparent and Responsible Budgeting

In a district wide survey conducted during the summer of 2020 just prior to the creation of the district's school reopening plan, families were very specific that clear, proactive communication and transparency were a top priority. Transparency builds trust. The Department of Education acknowledges that "financial transparency presents a great opportunity to build trust and open communication between community stakeholders and district leaders." The more accessible and understandable the better. 

This last school year, when a spending freeze was put into place and students were in an uproar hearing about many of their teachers' contracts not being renewed, families wondered what was going on with the budget. Word of a $5 million deficit came to light, and community members wondered how a district with a $228 million budget could be in the red. Looking through the budget posted online wasn't much help.

Our district must be more transparent, reassure our teachers of continued employment, and ensure greater long-term stability. 

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Stand Up for Community Values & Local Control

It is critical that our school board represent the families it works for. When district families have education-related concerns or needs, it is the responsibility of the board to see that those needs are met and concerns are resolved.

As a district, it is equally important to stay informed on relevant issues, help educate our community, and speak up for our values. State laws primarily drive the direction that school districts must take. Therefore, our school district must actively encourage parents, students and community members to learn about relevant issues and then advocate together. Otherwise, we allow our hands to be tied as legislation is passed and dictates local policies and curricula, which may not be a good fit for our community. We also may miss out on opportunities to support valuable legislation that would benefit our students and programs. 

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