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Parent of a CVSD Student or Graduate

Michael and I have lived in the CVSD district for 25 years.  We raised our 5 children in this district, and they all graduated from CVHS.  We greatly appreciate all that the incumbents have been able to accomplish for our district, and we also see the challenges.  We believe that the school board could use a fresh pair of eyes with unique insights and experience.  You cannot grow and improve without change and that is why we support and endorse Stephanie Jerdon for CVSD School Board Director #3.  


We have known Stephanie for over 5 years, and we have had the privilege of working alongside her, teaching and serving young people during that time.  We have witnessed her dedication, tireless service, and genuine care for the needs of these youth.  We have always said that if you need something done, done right, and done in a timely manner, ask Stephanie because you can count on her to do just that.  She truly cares about each child as well as their parents.  Another thing that we appreciate about Stephanie is her loyalty to the truth.  She takes the time and effort to research and learn all that she can so that she can ensure she is adopting the best strategies for the kids that she teaches and works with.  This ultimately gives them the best opportunity to learn, grow and flourish.  


Lastly, we have watched her closely during this campaign, and we are amazed at how she has chosen to conduct herself.  She has been an unwavering example of civility and grace as unfounded accusations and spurious labels have been thrown at her without merit or truth.  She believes that she is in this race to serve the children and families of our district, and she is not letting petty politics and bullying assuage her.  She is an example to us and an excellent example to the kids of our district to walk the walk, talk the talk, and that it is never okay to resort to incivility, even in a school board election.  This is who Stephanie Jerdon is, and this is why she has our votes.

— Michael and Debra Webb

Stephanie Jerdon is the right person for CVSD School Board Position 3. We are confident in her ability to bring the community together to make impactful improvements in education. We have known her personally for several years. She is a person of high integrity, strong work ethic and has the skills needed and passion to advocate for our youth and children.  She will involve parents in decisions, as well as bring awareness of what is going on in Olympia and how those decisions may impact our children. She is one who will make decisions with wisdom and fairness. We wholeheartedly endorse her and urge you to vote for her in the coming election.

— Rikson and Laura Zollinger

As Spokane Valley residents for 15 years, and parents to two children in the Central Valley school district, we are beyond thrilled to see Stephanie Jerdon fight for the rights of the CVSD families. Our district is in desperate need for board members with fresh ideas and the ability to partnership alongside the parents. 

Although I don't know the candidate on a personal level, after much research, I am confident in her ability to do what is best for our kids and teachers of CVSD.

— Ron & Jen Van Tassel

We love Stephanie's vision to turn around district academic performance, encourage better fiscal responsibility, provide transparency in all issues within the district, and her desire to stay up to date with all the changes going on in Olympia. We endorse Stephanie.

— Alicia and Austin McMillan
Filled out my ballot this morning. I'm proud to have voted for Stephanie Jerdon! I think she has great perspective as both a parent of a current student and a former educator. I believe she genuinely cares about this district, the staff, the students, and the families. And it would definitely be nice to have some new energy, new enthusiasm, new ideas brought to the CVSD school board. — Carli and Jim Norman

We are proud to support Stephanie for CVSD School Board Position 3. We have known Stephanie and her family for the past 7 years, and I can’t think of a better person to advocate for our children. Stephanie is a current CVSD mom and understands the challenges our students and parents face. She has served as a leader over the 11-18 year old girls in our church community and spent countless hours planning activities, inspiring lessons, and finding ways to challenge my girls and help them to see their potential as they seek to become valuable members in our community. Stephanie has integrity and strong values that will guide her as she serves on the school board. She has the courage to speak for those whose voices aren’t always heard and respect for those whose views differ from her own. She is the fresh voice our school board needs. I have complete confidence that she will put the needs of our students first and make our schools the best they can be. 

— Lesley and Cameron Harvey

We have known Stephanie Jerdon for 7 years and wholeheartedly endorse her for CVSD school board. Stephanie is committed, honest, and has the capability to effectively accomplish difficult tasks and make positive changes. Being a former teacher herself, she understands education from within and respects teachers, students, parents, and community members. As a parent with a current child in the district, she knows the challenges our kids face every day. Stephanie has exceptional communication skills, values new ideas, and will bring about responsible improvements to our schools.

— Brandon & Mandy Richardson
Russ and Leah Fotheringham
Ryan and Jessica Robinson
Jordan and Tara Diamond
Kerry Jensen
Rachel Matthes
Donna and Mark Carpenter
Marianne and Mike Thompson
Bryce and Jenalee Fortner
JaNae Kent
Mack and Suzanne Harms
Jennifer and Wayne Lamoreaux
Blair and Becca Roland
Judd and Candace Shelton
Kevin and Julie Johnson
Dave and Cassandra Westlake
Matt and Beth Tyson
Taylor and Jamie Varley
Clinton and Katie Smith
Weston and Karen Teusher
Steve and Amy Raab
Logan and Julia Ditto
Pete and Kerrie Luthi
Ryan and Aubrey Burklund
Justin and Jennifer Jones
John and Jenny Johnson
David and Natalie McGarry
Kreg and Kiersten Shelby
Brian and Annelisa Riddle
Krystn Ax
Scott and Sheree Webb
Marshall and Nancy Morrison
Heidi Reynolds
Julie Nielsen
Michael & Janelle Dobson
Ryan and Nikki Blake
Brian and Natasha Woodward
Steve and Jennifer Sommer
Michael and Samatha Call
Dan and Brooke Springer
David and Jennett Simpson
Laura and Rikson Zollinger
Don and Heidi Stafford
Ben and Meredith Hawkins
Matthew and Michaella Minnick
Scott Williams

Community Member

We are thrilled to endorse Stephanie for the CVSD school board after years of observing her leadership and passion for education & families. Her skills, experience, commitment, and care for the students and families in our community are exactly what we need. Focusing on a strong core academic foundation that doesn’t constantly shift with outside trends, bringing families back as a vital part of our children’s educational team, increased financial responsibility and planning, and empowering our community to take an active role for the best needs locally will make a significant difference that we are in great need of.

— Mick and Kass Tomany

I wholeheartedly endorse Stephanie Jerdon for the CVSD school board. Her unwavering commitment to students and passion for education shine through in every interaction. She has made such a big impact not only in my life, but others, as well. Stephanie Jerdon has a track record of making meaningful changes, and I believe her dedication will lead to a more supportive and impactful school system for the community. Vote for Stephanie Jerdon to ensure a brighter future for all CVSD students.

— Caroline Harney, CVHS grad

Over the past decades, our district has seen significant transformation, and it's time for new voices and ideas to guide our schools into the future.

We have the chance to elect a new generation of leaders prepared to address our schools' unique challenges.

As we approach this critical election, let's embrace change and elect leaders who will steer our schools toward a brighter future.

— Gavin McAllister, SVT Grad
Stephanie is the whole package. Mom, former teacher, student and parent advocate. Her experience, passion, and motivation to truly address academic and other pertinent issues of our times is unmatched. She has a child in the district and is very in tune with what is going on in the schools. I believe she will be a major player in turning things around both for our students and parents. She will move to make parents aware of the happenings on the board so they can be a part of the conversation. She is very honest and open, and will bring that to the board. How many of us really know what policies and practices are being considered that affect our kids and grandkids? I would argue that most happens without much, if any, notice. This needs to change, and parents are more willing than ever to engage. We just need to be in the loop and to be considered in the conversation and discussion. CVSD's tax base provides ample support for the schools, but we need more input on how that support is used. Stephanie is committed to fiscal responsibility and transparency. As our board members should be. Stephanie is an excellent communicator and listener. I am excited for parents to be heard again. Stephanie will bring this and so much more. — Teri Machtmes
James and Holly Mulloy
Judi Williams
Paula Brockman
Ben and LindaLee Dalton
Kiffon and Trent Stock
Breanna and Paul Crapo
Mindy and Nick Rawlins
Katrina Carpenter
MarLa and Keith Kepler
Andrew and Ashley Tolman
Casey and Jenifer Robison
Tim and Brenna Anderson
Tom and Louise Jerdon
David and Sonya Coates
Adam and Tracy Olsen
Carol Meduna


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